Eric Patrizio

R&D software engineer. Programming languages design enthusiast.


Hello 👋, I’m Eric!, 49 years old, french, living in the Paris area.
I’m a R&D software engineer, I’ve 20 years of experience in software development, in web environments.
After a master’s degree in computer science (2021 - 2023, Paris Sorbonne University of Sciences), I’m now a young new ;-) computer scientist specialized in programming languages design.

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#Current_status (2024, January)

I work at OCamlPro, a private research lab. I contribute to the owi 🐌 project (OCaml WebAssembly toolchain : concrete and symbolic interpretation), part of a research project on OCaml to Wasm compilation based on WasmGC (WebAssembly new version, including Garbage Collection support).

#OCaml #WebAssembly #wasm #interpretation #compilation


ola (OCaml Lua experiments) is a personal experimental project. First step, ola is a Lua language interpreter written in OCaml. The objective is to obtain a deeper understanding of dynamic languages design, such as typing at runtime.

The project begins (2023, September), I’ve already learned a lot, more than I expected. The most important thing is that it requires a hard work to implement the full language specification, including the standard library. You want to learn and have fun with me, feel free, contact me, Issues and Pull Requests are welcome !

#OCaml #lua #dynamic_languages #interpretation